Best Blenders On The Market

We’re in the era of healthy eating and posting colourful pictures of our healthy food on Instagram, so it’s no surprise that sales of blenders are going through the roof. Once a novelty, now blenders are used by everyone serious about nutrition. So what are the best ones? Well there’s some things you need to consider: size, functions, power and easy of cleaning. We’ve reviewed all of these aspects and more in this guide to the best blenders available.


1. Philips HR1871/10

Without doubt a blender of the highest quality. With that comes a price a little higher than what the average is on the market but it really is a great investment. If you like to enjoy smoothies and fresh juice everyday as quickly and easily as possible then this is the blender for you. It’s capable of producing up to 2.5 litres of juice at a time and has two speeds so you get the texture you want for your smoothies.

2. Kenwood JE850

Powerful and efficient, this is a high-performance blender designed for both domestic and professional use. It’s 1,500w powered and made of stainless steel with the cool design giving it a look to rival any on the market.

3. Braun J300 Multiquick Juicer

This blender from Braun combines the best of a top design and functionality. You can get it for a really competitive price and it’s great value for money, making smoothies in record time. It’s made of hard plastic with a glossy black finish and has 800 watt power to boot.

4. Sogo SS-5100

This blender has 400 watt power, 1 litre capacity and extracts up to 30% more juice from each piece of fruit. It’s the quietest blender on this list, operating without blades and at slow speed to gently extract the juice and limiting pulp and waste.

5. Philips HR1855/00 Viva Juicer

This simple model from the Viva Collection has the quick-clean technology, so it’s ready to go again in just one minute thanks to its first-class cleaning system. Each part of the inside has been designed with smooth edges for an easier clean. On top of all the cleaning benefits, it has 700 watt power and a transparent tank so you can watch your smoothie being made from start to finish.

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