Top 5 Kitchen Appliances For Healthy Eating

It’s almost time to get your shorts, bikinis, sandals and sunglasses out of whatever corner of the house they’ve been lying in for the past 9 months and enjoy summer! But summer inevitably makes us think of what our bodies are going to look like when those holiday snaps go up on Facebook. You need to do two things to get the body you want: work out and eat healthy. We’ll save the gym lecture for another day, in this article you can read about the best kitchen appliances for maintaining the healthiest of diets. Enjoy!


1. Steam Oven

Oven cooking in general is very healthy as hardly any oil is used and steaming is even healthier since all the nutrients are lost when boiling food in water remain. Since steam cooking and oven cooking are both healthy ways to prepare our food, why not bring them together? Double the benefits!

2. Dehydrator

For those who love snacking on bags of chips between meals, the dehydrator is the perfect appliance for you. Dehydrators remove water from food and keeps all the nutrients locked in. On top of that, dehydrators can also preserve lots of different food for months.

3. Indoor Barbecue

Healthy cooking can also be done with barbecues believe it or not. Well they can be, if you cook chicken, turkey and vegetables instead of cooking sausages and burgers. The problem is that not everyone has a garden to store a quality BBQ. The solution? An indoor barbecue that is covered with ceramic glass when not in use. Ideal!

4. Natural Ice Cream Machine

Is your favourite thing about summer eating ice cream but you don’t want to give up on your healthy diet? Well instead of tucking into Ben & Jerry’s, you can make your own completely natural ice cream with any topping you want. I’d choose fruit instead of a Flake if you’re keeping up the clean eating lifestyle.

5. Kitchen Scale

If you want follow a strict diet to lose weight or to gain muscle, you’ll need a kitchen scale to weigh the exact amount of food you’re eating. It’s also handy for recipes, where you need to measure carefully how much of one ingredient you’re adding to a dish.

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