Kitchen Lifehacks That Actually Work!

Here’s a situation I’m going to throw your way that you’ll no doubt have encountered.

You’re sitting on the sofa thumbing through Facebook on your phone and come across a video or photo that will say something like…


And for the most part it’ll just be some video of a person throwing a lemon in a microwave (helps it smell nice) or dunking your spoons in coca cola.

It’s annoying when these so called life hacks are nothing but tips that only half work if you’re someone who usually buys litres of cleaning alcohol that you just so happen to have lying around. I for one have had enough of this and decided to scour the web for tips that actually work in the kitchen.

Here are the life hacks for the kitchen that I actually tried out and worked!

The Cable Tie Trick

Jump to the second tip in this video and watch someone get a cable tie, cut it and then squeeze a tub in to three spouts. Looks like magic doesn’t it? Well it actually worked for me. I got lucky though. I bought a really cheap jug from Asda a few years ago that I felt was quite flimsy and ended up getting chucked in the back of a cupboard. After this video I took it out, give it the all important squeeze test and gave it a go. I was fully expecting the tie to just pop out of place when pouring water over again and again in the sink. ┬áBut no, the took the challenge quite well and never popped so I have to give a thumbs up.

The Cleaning Your Cleaning Things Tip

I remember a sketch a few years ago fomr the BBC show The League of Gentlemen in which a character is caught in a perpetual cycle of cleaning everything, then cleaning the things they used to clean with, and then cleaning them. I reckon if you walked in to anyone’s house today and had a peak at their dustpan and brush it wouldn’t looking spick and span. Throwing all your cleaning bits in to the dishwasher sounded a bit crazy and I did think it was going to break the thing, but I gave it a go and Hey Ho everything was gleaming. I was really happy with the hoover attachment I use on the rug as it finally got rid of all those stray fibres I’ve spent a lifetime standing and trying to pick off when I should’ve been hoovering.

(by the way, if you’re in the market for a new dishwasher have a look at this discount code)

The Kettle Tip

I’m from Scotland but I currently live down in the south of England. What does that have to do with lifehacks for the kitchen? Well until I moved here I never knew the nightmare that is having to deal with “hard” water, especially when it comes to cooking and cleaning. Up north we lovely soft water, but down here leaving water in your kettle for a long time can do damage.

So what can be done to combat it? Well you boil the kettle again of course. Using a mixture of water and vinegar, you simply boil the kettle and the limescale comes right off.

I did it and it worked, although two things to note:

  • I didn’t use the vinegar form the cupboard you’d put on your chips. I went and bought a big bottle of cleaning vinegar.
  • Make sure to boil the kettle a few times after with just water to clean it out. I did this in someone else’s house and they had one pretty weird tasting cup of tea after I’d left and they hadn’t cleaned it.


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