The benefits of flowers

I love flowers me, I just find them so interesting! there’s something just so beautiful about them and honestly, I think they’re a natural thing we should all have in our lives. Flowers add so much value to our life that we don’t even think about..¬†they clean the air and there are scientific studies that show flowers make us feel emotionally and physically better too. However, we don’t have them in our lives nearly as much as we should.

Did you ever consider cooking with flowers? it’s amazing but quite complex. You can scatter some petals over a dish that needs that little extra touch. Some petals have quite the flavor too. The thing is some flowers contain toxins too so you need to do a bit of research!

Having flowers in the house is a great thing though! There are so many toxins in the air that we need to get rid of and the only way we can do that is having flowers and plants that absorb them. They purify the air!

Flowers just make you happy, they¬†have an effect on your emotional and behavioural state and are linked to happiness! They alleviate stress, they can lift your spirit and can reduce your depression symptoms and anxiety! I think this is because flowers help connect you to nature and its completely different from what you’re used to. You’re probably used to a fast paced environment and are constantly full speed ahead!

Flowers also bring you and the people around you closer. They can smooth out any problems and make everyone feel lighter and happier. Studies have shown you’re more inclined to chat and interact with other people when flowers are present. This is why flowers are often used in social environments… they’re not just there for decoration. Although they are a highlight to any room. I personally think flowers create a warm welcoming environment and you shuld try introduce them to any room you can.

You could have flowers on the window ledge in the kitchen or perhaps in the middle of the kitchen table. Maybe flowers at the side of your bed would look great? or a large plant in the living room corner would look good too. You really can introduce them to any room, even the bathroom!

You can also present with flowers. Why not freeze them in ice? make some beautiful floral ice cubes for your guests! Seriously start introducing flowers to the house to start reeking some of these benefits I’ve mentioned. Why don’t you order yourself a bunch from Bloom Magic.

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